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Does Your Home Need Repair?

The Home Repair and Preservation Program helps homeowners with low incomes restore and maintain their homes. Habitat for Humanity will partner with homeowners to alleviate critical health and safety issues and complete needed home improvement projects.

How It Works

Eligible Repairs May Include:

Midland County Habitat for Humanity works with low and moderate income homeowners to address critical repair needs. Projects are funded by grants, private donations or a combination of the two depending on funding availability.

We do not assist with projects that are strictly cosmetic. We do a “priority/ needs-based” assessment of the property for all eligible candidates.


Habitat serves as the general contractor and may complete repair projects in-house using staff and volunteers or hire subcontractors, depending on the nature of the work.


Most residents accepted into the program receive a deferred 0%-interest loan for the cost of repairs.

  • Roof repair/replacement
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Insulation
  • Painting *
  • Landscaping *
    *only available in the Midland High School Neighborhood


Qualifications vary depending on funding source. In general, applicants should:

  • Be a homeowner (land contracts and mobile homes are ineligible for most home repair funds)
  • Be current on taxes and homeowners insurance
  • Have 30% - 60% area median income according to HUD guidelines  ---> Click here to view income guidelines

These guidelines are derived from HUD’s 2019 housing income guidelines for Midland County median income and are subject to change.


As an Equal Housing Lender, We Do Business in Accordance With Federal Fair Lending Laws
UNDER THE FEDERAL FAIR HOUSING ACT, IT IS ILLEGAL, ON THE BASIS OF RACE, COLOR, NATIONAL ORIGIN, RELIGION, SEX, DISABILITY, OR FAMILIAL STATUS (HAVING CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF18) TO: Deny a loan for the purpose of purchasing, constructing, improving, repairing or maintaining a dwelling, or deny any loan secured by a dwelling; or
Discriminate in fixing the amount, interest rate, duration, application procedures or other terms or conditions of such a loan, or in appraising property

How To Apply

  • Stop into the Midland County Habitat For Humanity Offices to get an inquiry form during normal business hours.
    • Can also stop in the ReStore during normal business hours to pick up an inquiry form
    • Can pick up an inquiry form from the drop box located next to the Habitat office front door. Drop box is available 24 hours.


  • Print the application here and email or fax the application


For more information contact Katty Owens, 989-496-0900 or email

Frequently Asked Questions